Ass-fucked, big-titted 43-year-olds are a man's best friend

"I'm so horny today. I just want to squeeze these big tits," 43-year-old Sophia Jewel says. "Are you going to play with my pussy? It's pink and wet for you. And after that, can you fuck me up the ass?"

Does Sophia actually expect anyone to say no to that?

Before he fucks her ass, her stud feasts on her tits, and Sophia joins in the feast, licking the one that he isn't devouring. Meanwhile, she's saying, "I can't wait for you to fuck me in the ass!"

Then he fingers Sophia's tight asshole, and we can almost feel it gripping his finger. Then she sucks his dick. Then she lowers her pussy onto his cock. And, then comes the ass-fucking, followed by cum all over Sophia's face. She sucks the cum off the cock that's just been in her ass, too.

Sophia grew up on Long Island and now lives in Miami, Florida, and the wildest things she's ever done (other than having sex on the hood of a car) are the things she's doing here. And we'll be forever grateful for that.

Ass-fucked, big-titted 43-year-olds are a man's best friend

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