You jack till she jills

Recently, I got a letter from a longtime magazine reader, DVD buyer and occasional website member lamenting about all the hardcore today.

"I'm not really into the XXX material," he wrote. "I like to see just solo models masturbating. I can think of some sexy SCORE Girls who were great at getting themselves off. Guys used to look at just hot girls and jack off. Now it seems that so many guys want to see them having sex with other guys, and for me, even one cock is too much. I don't understand it."

I understand his point of view. He doesn't want to see another dude's ass or cock or face. He just wants to see the babe pleasuring herself without man hands on her jugs or a guy who's not him fucking her. He wants to appreciate a woman's body and face. He doesn't want to see a man's cock.

I grew up buying newsstand magazines that couldn't show fucking and blow jobs. They couldn't in the States until 2000.

The kind of video he wants to see is this solo show with Kali West. It's got most of what he jacks to: a beautiful girl with a beautiful body. Big tits. She's looking at the camera. She's playing with her tits. She's spreading her pink pussy, and she's using her fingers to rub one out. She may not be using a Latex prick to plug herself, but it's still plenty hot.

This video is different for Kali because she's one of those girls who did a ton of hardcore porn with guys. Usually when a girl starts fucking on-camera, the solo stuff falls by the wayside because it's assumed that no one wants to see her spanking herself. Our letter-writer proves that isn't true. He'd like Kali's video, I'm sure.

You jack till she jills

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