Today's lesson: anal sex

Las Vegas is Sin City, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that its school teachers take it up the ass. Of course, school teachers everywhere take it up the ass. They just don't brag about it or do it on camera like Riley Wayne, a 59-year-old teacher from Vegas who takes a deep dicking in her pussy and asshole.

"I like having a cock in my ass because I love that totally stuffed feeling," Riley confessed. "And also because I think ass-fucking a girl makes a guy cum harder because her ass is tighter than her cunt, so he cums more, and I love cum."

Riley is a divorcee and a swinger. She looks horny with her big tits and shaved pussy, and she is horny. She says she wants it "all the time." What sexually satisfies her best? "Fucking big cocks and masturbating," she said. Preferably at the same time.

Enjoy Riley. And, hey, since she's a teacher, you might even learn something while you jack.

Today's lesson: anal sex

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