What's that about girls who wear glasses?

There's an old saying, "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses." Note the use of the word "seldom." Because we're guessing that if girls-women, actually-did what Suz is doing in this video, guys would make passes at them all the time.

When this video opens, Suz, a 50-year-old wife from Georgia, is wearing glasses, but she's wearing very little else. A bra and panties. Stockings and a garter belt. She's leaning back against a wall, and she has a hand down her panties. She's playing with herself. She's anticipating.

"Mmmm, oh I'm so ready for that hot, black cock fucking my wet pussy," she says as she rubs her cunt harder. Then we get to look up at her hand rubbing her pussy through her panties...and, of course, the glasses she's wearing. "I'm so ready for that big, black cock. I want to feel his balls hitting me from behind."

We're guessing that at this point, most men would make a pass at Suz. Her glasses are still on when Lucas eats her pussy, still on when she sucks his cock, still on when he fucks her face, still on when she sucks his balls, still on when she hops on top of his cock for a fucking and don't come off until he shoots his load on her face.

Hey, give the woman a break. You don't want her to ruin her glasses, do you?

What's that about girls who wear glasses?