Dolly's dirty-talking delight

British babe Dolly Delight says she's old-fashioned, which definitely goes against my image of the old-fashioned girl. Dolly has big, fake tits and a pierced pussy. She fingers her cunt on-camera and talks dirty. I've never heard of an old-fashioned girl like that. But what she means is, "I like to be chased by a man and made to feel very desired. I like to be the girly-girl, and I think a woman likes to be treated as a princess. I like a strong guy who can protect me and make me feel safe and also throw me around the bedroom."

Okay, so treat her like a princess while she's sucking your cock and balls. Tell her how pretty she looks with your cum glazing her face. Is that the idea?

"That will work," Dolly said. "But what I'm saying is that I'm a woman who likes to be treated like a woman, and I want the man to be a man."

In this scene, Dolly is wearing a tight, red dress and holding an umbrella. Her British pussy is freshly shaved and aching to be fingered. Her filthy vocabulary is unrivaled by any other skanky British babe. In the dirty mouth division, Dolly's throat is a whirlpool of verbal smut, her mind a gutter. In other words, Dolly is an artist at producing salaciously slutty and prurient poetry.

A nice vanilla ice cream cone is just right for a refreshing break from the tropical heat. It melts too quickly, though, and Dolly's sloppy ice cream licking habits leave her big tits looking like a group of sperm donors busted their nuts all over her.

At this point, Dolly is all woman. You can see her tits and pussy. Now be a man and jack off.

Dolly's dirty-talking delight

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