Lap Dancer

Hey fellas!

Imagine me giving you a lap dance! Imagine the boner you'd get with my huge cans and soft ass in your face! Yow! You'd get a rhowtly. What's a rhowtly? A rhowtly is a hard-on so strong, it pulls the skin on the rest of your body so tight your face feels like a bongo drum. I think I'd be a good lap dancer. Not that I would do it for real. I don't think I have the nerve. I just like the fantasy. Do you think I'd be a good lap dancer?

Here's a favorite letter I got from Bill.

"Well, for a start, you have a really beautiful face, and that would be enough for me. It is hard to stop looking at your face. And then you have a body that drives me totally wild, and I am almost in tears watching it. You play with your tits better than any other model. Congratulations. You are the best. Hey Desirae, I fell in love with a picture of you I stumbled across through SCORE. I saw a couple of your pictures of you doing hardcore photos and I decided I wanted to see more of you. So I subscribed to I really got off on seeing you get fucked, and it made me wish I was there. It really made me horny. You're an incredible-looking girl."

Lap Dancer

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