Wet tee teaser

This video was filmed in a house overlooking the coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Hitomi joined Micky Bells, Natalie Fiore, Leanne Crow and Jenna Valentine for the DVD On Location Puerto Vallarta.

What Hitomi is wearing is my all-time favorite outfit for SCORE and Voluptuous Girls. Bikinis would be #2. Before Hitomi takes it off, she wets her tee so we can see her nipples stuck to the fabric.

Hitomi didn't leave the house dressed like this in Mexico. Back home in Japan, Hitomi doesn't dress this sexy when she goes outside. She doesn't like to attract attention in public.

"There are many times when people recognize me as Hitomi," she said. "When some people recognized me near my apartment, I tried to escape from them, hiding my apartment location and said to them, 'I am not Hitomi. You are mistaking me for somebody else.' But if people recognize me when I am not near my home, I always say, 'Yes.' It's always very exciting when people from overseas recognize me and say, 'Hey, Hitomi!'"

I'll tell ya, Hitomi could wear this in South Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and while she couldn't blend in because of that amazing body, she'd see that countless girls dress this way every day.

I'll also tell ya that I'd rather enjoy Hitomi by herself than see unworthy dudes banging her in censored Japanese porn. It's not jealousy. I just don't want to see a guy waving his cock anywhere near her, optically blurred or not. I don't always think this way about the models, but when I do, Hitomi is at the top of my list of girls I don't want a cock near.

Wet tee teaser

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