The big-boobed boss lady

British babe Harmony Reigns, who sucks cock and fucks in this scene, describes herself as "loud, seductive and horny! You're going to notice me when I walk into a room."

Yeah, because she's beautiful and has huge tits and a blockbuster body. You want tits and ass? This girl has tits and ass.

"I get a lot of attention because of my big tits," she said. "My tits have pretty much replaced my eyes. I'm cool with that. Anything I wear emphasizes my massive breasts even if I don't try. All my clothes show off my bust."

See, that's the thing. A girl with tits as big as Harmony's has two choices: wear baggy clothes and look fat or wear tight, cleavage-revealing clothes and have other women accuse you of being a slut. Of course, there's no upside to the former and a major upside to the latter: Guys love big tits and pay her a lot of attention.

We asked Harmony about her likes.

"If you classify porn as a sport, then I'm a sports fanatic," she said. "I live in London and I'm not too bad on a stripper pole. I can roller-skate, sing and I can twerk. And I can fuck! I like to have sex hanging upside-down."

In this scene, Harmony is a boss who's trying to hire an assistant. "I wonder why all my assistants always just want to look at my boobies," she says to herself.

"I want to help you," her applicant says before he starts caressing Harmony's tits. This kind of assistance wasn't what she had in mind, but it could still work out...Harmony's way, of course.

The big-boobed boss lady

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