The super-stacked secretary

"I can make a man cum very fast with just my breasts," Micky Bells said. That's the truth. If she jammed her incredible boobs together to sandwich a cock like a hot dog inside a bun, I'm sure most guys, myself included, would lose it in a few minutes. Since Micky's in Europe, I'm grateful I don't have to worry about that happening.

"I have dated a lot of men who like big boobs," Micky said. "Even they say they have never seen boobs as big as mine! I know it may sound funny, but sometimes I forget that my breasts are so big."

I don't know how any male heterosexual employer could handle having a secretary as built as Micky and not lose his mind seeing her day after day.

I asked Micky what she likes to do for fun. She's a mom now and still webcams, occasionally modeling for SCORELAND. "I travel mostly," Micky told me. "I go out in nature. I like to go see mountains. I like to go smell the fresh air. I like to go out bowling. Most of all, I prefer to relax."

Good for her. I find it very difficult to relax when I see her pictures and videos.

The super-stacked secretary

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