A Czech bouncer you want to welcome

Kings have gone to war over beauties like Sophie Mae. And when I call Sophie beautiful, I mean really beautiful, as in gorgeous. When we saw her test shots, we recognized a major hottie when we saw one. I still find it hard to believe that at the time, Sophie was a 19-year-old student. And she was already a professional dancer and dance instructor. I know 19-year-olds who can barely move a finger to take their own picture with a smartphone.

Sophie lives to practice, teach and perform dancing. She taught a group lesson in sexy belly dancing to Valory Irene, Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans when they were together in an ancient villa to film the movie Big-Boob Finishing School.

"Sophie is a professional dance instructor," one of our photographers told me when he briefed me after a trip to Prague to lens-craft her. I envy this guy more than he will ever realize. He travels the world and gets to immortalize all of these models. "Sophie knows all types of dancing," he added. "Her main interest is middle-eastern belly dancing. She even told me the proper names for each move as she did them. That's how precise she is when it comes to dancing."

Sophie loves to eat. Like the good, patriotic Czech bouncer she is, Sophie is a supporter of her country's titty-positive attitude. She theorizes that Czech foods contribute to a growing girl's bosom blossoming.

"I think it is the food," she explained in very good English and in a sweet, girly voice that adds to her charm. "There's good energy in it. It's also very tasty. It's a little bit heavy, but, you know, that maybe helps. I like Czech dumplings, fish, chicken and creamy sauces."

Sophie also says that Czech beer is good for breast growth. But not just any beer, Sophie points out. It should be dark or black lager. The kind a spoon can practically stand up in.

Sophie said guys in the Czech Republic are not the ones who stare at her when she passes them on the street. It's other women. They shoot her nasty looks and give her the evil eye, even if she is not wearing a top that's especially sexy. Boob prejudice in the Czech Republic? From Czech women? I never would have guessed that.

A Czech bouncer you want to welcome

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