Built For Bikinis

San Francisco's Honey Moons was with the SCORE crew in California for this September, 1993 bikini shoot. She was a student at San Francisco State and danced locally and on the national club circuit.

"I have a lot of fans around the country, and I don't bullshit them, so they don't do the same to me," Honey said. "During breaks, we talk, and, if I have a long break or after shows, we go out to get something to eat. It's nice to have friends, real friends who aren't just looking to score."

Like other feature dancers, Honey had a love/hate relationship with club life.

"You get used to the management bullshit, and the fans, on the whole, are wonderful. One thing I really hate is when you meet another dancer and give her the respect she deserves and treat her the way you would want to be treated, then they play the game by lying to you. It's ridiculous. They lie over insignificant things, like their hair, and I think, 'God, I know they feel they need to lie to their customers, but I don't really care.'"

Built For Bikinis

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