Cuntry Girl

"I think I would make a very good housewife," Arianna said. "It would be very enjoyable to take care of a man who takes care of me. I could cook him dinner, and then we can spend all night pleasuring each other."

Strangely, in these photos, Arianna's man is missing in action. She's sweeping the floor, tits pouring out of her white house dress, and he's nowhere to be found. What's wrong with that guy? If you were Arianna's man, wouldn't you rush home to be with her? To suck on her tits and fuck her? Especially if she cleaned house wearing the absolutely astounding dress she's wearing in these photos?

You know, when we hear "house dress," we usually think, "frumpy." Here, Arianna is changing our thinking.

So, Arianna is a housewife out in the Romanian countryside. She's sweeping the floor. She's lonely. She's horny. And that's when good things start to happen.

Cuntry Girl

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