Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

The Polish Princess will make you pop. It's Vanessa Y. time, and for the first time, Vanessa speaks in Polish on-camera instead of English.

In the kitchen, dressed in the traditional costume of Poland (bra and panties under a short robe and high-heeled pumps), Vanessa parades around, a little antsy, waiting for you to show up. At least we believe it to be the traditional costume of Poland. Maybe we're thinking of the Czech Republic.

Vanessa has prepared a snack for you, but she keeps eyeing the sausage, which we're told is a Polish sausage. Unable to control herself, Vanessa picks it up and sucks on it. It must remind her of something. She rubs it between her bigly breasts and gets even more antsy.

Taking everything off except her pumps, Vanessa pats herself up and down. If she keeps this up, she'll be climbing the walls. Finally, you show up. Vanessa insists you get on the counter, and when her royal highness insists, you can't let her down. She who must be obeyed reaches into your pants, pulls out what she's been waiting for and pops it in her mouth. It's all about making girls like Vanessa Y. happy, ain't it?

Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

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