Kitana Flores is a super hottie

Kitana Flores starts this show in a tiny bra and thong covered by something that some people might call a skirt but nobody would go out in public wearing. At least not where I'm from. She's also wearing fuck-me pumps, which should be the official footwear for girls who look like Kitana...not that a lot of girls look as good as Kitana.

Kitana was born in Puerto Rico and lives in Miami. This is relevant because, in my opinion, Puerto Rican girls are the hottest, sexiest and naughtiest of all Latina girls, and Miami is where SCORELAND2 is located. So, Kitana is like a neighbor to us...the super-sexy, super-erotic neighbor, that is. The neighbor who doesn't go out of her way to be in-your-face with her sexuality but just can't help it.

Let me see if I can explain that last statement: I don't think Kitana thinks she's anything special. I don't think she goes around trying to be a sex kitten. But with that body and those perfectly shaped, ski-jump tits and that luscious booty and those curves that go on forever, well, she is who she is. And that voice. Breathy and sexy. I get a hard-on just listening to her.

Did I ever mention that I once squirted oil on her asshole? I think I mentioned that once before, but the memory has become so ingrained in my mind that I just keep repeating it every time I talk about Kitana. She was on her hands and knees, and I was interviewing her, and somehow, I ended up with a squeeze bottle of tanning oil in my hands, and she asked me to squirt it on her ass cheeks, and I took it one step further and pointed the nozzle into her asshole.

Kitana didn't complain. Turns out she likes when guys pay attention to her ass. As for this scene, Kitana pays a lot of attention to the guy's cock. You would expect a Puerto Rican hottie who's doing her thing in the MIA to linger on dick, and she does.

Kitana Flores is a super hottie

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