From Poland With Bust

Agnes Poulin is a Polish girl who had never modeled professionally before. Then she met the great Valory Irene. Valory pointed Agnes in SCORE's direction and told her all about her life and times as one of the most-popular models ever at SCORELAND.

Luckily, Agnes was interested and ready so she had some at-home snaps taken. Long story short, she's here in all of her voluptuous, buxom glory. A cheerful, happy girl who giggles a lot during interviews, Agnes got more than a little bashful talking about a few topics, such as masturbation and sexual fantasies. Her shyness is sweet but she's not shy about being naked on-camera.

Agnes said Valory inspired her. She doesn't work out ("With my big breasts, it's not comfortable to exercise, but I like to swim."). She has no girlfriends who come close to her in boob size. She's not known by any pet names and she doesn't have names for her breasts. Her boobs have never fallen out of her top and she doesn't store anything in her cleavage like money or a cell phone although there's plenty of room to do that.

Is Poland our great undiscovered country for big-boobed girls? It might be.

From Poland With Bust

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