The Love connection

Rene Love was told about SCORE a while ago, but it took some time for her to actually get here and take off her industrial-strength bra. This was her first SCORELAND video.

"I'm used to being looked at wherever I go," Rene said. "I love to know people like what they see. I was so nervous when I first got here but I felt very welcomed right away."

Rene lives in New Jersey. She played volley ball and softball and she was a cheerleader in school. My head spins imagining her waving and shaking her pom-poms.

Dave and I were very impressed with Rene. We saw a lot of potential in her. She has a cheery, upbeat personality that comes through on-camera, besides her heavy and packed 44-inch breasts and all-over voluptuous body. The guys who write about her also point out other intangible assets, mentioning a "sweetness" about her.

Last year, Rene and her man appeared on the TV show Divorce Court. (People don't need to be legally married to be on the show. They can just be having relationship problems.) They were there because he wants to maintain a polyamorous relationship (most guys would go for having two women if they could afford them) and she wants a monogamous lifestyle. The entire episode is posted on Youtube.

 The Love connection

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