Honky Tonk Woman

Retro rocker Arianna Sinn shows why early rock 'n' roll was considered too sexy and forbidden by some. She's dressed in a black-and-white striped one-piece, her hair is done up in a Betty Page and she's wearing long, red gloves. A little rock 'n' roll plays in the background as Arianna rocks our world by pulling out her tits.

"I know you want more," she says, beginning a long, sexy stream of dirty talk aimed at you, the viewer. Arianna has a way of making us feel she's doing this just for you. "You want to make me cum, like you always do. You want to see my tits bounce. My pussy getting wet." She rubs her pussy with gloved hands. "This is the biggest tease for you," she says. "You are hard, hard, hard now." Hey, how does she know? "My pussy is so wet and hot and ready for you."

With Arianna, the tease is usually with her pussy (she almost always pulls her tits out quickly), and that's the case here, too. She keeps telling us how wet her pussy is and accurately pointing out how hard our cocks are.

"I feel you are so ready to fuck my tight pussy," she says, finally giving us a view of her pink wetness. She'll blow your mind.

Honky Tonk Woman

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