Nila Mason: Maid For Fun

Nila Mason (pronounced Nee-lah) has come a long way since her first time. She was nervous and a little scared in the beginning. Now look at her! She's become not only very comfortable but fearless.

"At first, I didn't know how things were going to be," Nila said. "Everything at first was a surprise."

Nila is made for fun and a maid for fun. She usually doesn't do much cosplaying in her shoots. Seeing her as a French maid shaking her heavy boobs around the bedroom is a hot fantasy.

"My breasts are very sensitive. I like to play with them. I love it when a guy spends time rubbing and licking them. I know most men have not touched breasts as big as I have so I enjoy seeing the guys in my videos marvel over them."

Nila Mason: Maid For Fun

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