A California Blonde in London

T.J. Evans was a 21-year-old American college coed studying pre-law who won an all-expenses paid trip to SCORE's studio in London after winning a "Best Boobs In New York" contest. This was held during the magazine's first-anniversary party at a famous strip club called Flashdancers.

T.J. was nowhere near as busty as other SCORE Girls being featured in the magazine, but she won, so off to London she went.

"My fantasy was to be in a men's magazine," T.J. said to the editor of SCORE when her debut was being readied for the February, 1994 issue. "Now it's come true so I'll have to work on another one."

Even though she was barely out of her teens, T.J. said she went for older men, not college boys. "I know it sounds weird but I like older guys with a little grey in their hair. Most of my sorority sisters go for the quarterback, jocko kind of guy but a middle-aged, mature man...I could really go for a guy like that."

A California Blonde in London

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