Sweet Dessert

"My boyfriend took my virginity. We've only recently started having sex and I love trying new stuff. I'm pretty flexible, so he likes me to spread my legs as far apart as they will go, then he fucks me really hard!"

Do you like the feeling of a hard cock filling you up?

"Oh, yeah, I do! But sometimes, the next day, I feel a little sore. That's usually after my boyfriend has fucked me long and hard for a real long time. But I'm not bitching about it--I love feeling like I've been fucked good!"

Do you do that split for your boyfriend when he fucks you?

"Yeah, and not just him, either. I could totally tell that one of my professors at college had the hots for me, so I invited him over a couple of weeks ago. We ended up doing it right here on the counter and I spread my legs real wide, just like this. I'm not gonna tell my boyfriend about that, but I want to fuck him right here in the same way!

Sweet Dessert

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