Back To The Office

Looking for a new job? Miss Desirae will see you now. She's read your resume. Best be on your finest behavior. At least for 20 minutes. Shoes shined. Showered and deodorized. New white shirt, laundered tie. If you get the job, you get to bump into Miss Desirae several times a day in the building and sniff her scent in the air as you pass by her private office. Who could pass that up? The position only pays $2. an hour, but think of the side benefits.

Dear Desirae,

Every inch of you is perfect. The guys who fucked you in your two videos are the luckiest fucks in the world. Their cocks weren't big. My cock is much bigger. I'd love to fuck you day and night, and cum deep inside you. I'm not trying to be a jerk or insult you. I just really have the hots for you. Thanks for a top level web site. I jerk off every night to one of your photos. I have a ten inch cock.-Roy.

Hi Des...just a few thoughts,

As a long time member of your web site, I feel that I'm one of your first members. Also, anything that I say that sounds like a "pun" is not on purpose! My first thought is that you photograph beautifully when it's just you and the photographer. Whenever the other SCORE girls are "jumping around you" in group shots, you're uncomfortable with it. I just can tell. It's obvious when it's you and the camera. You relax, you don't feel the need to pucker your lips, and do all the cliches. I just checked the Hawaiian session, and found myself fascinated with your face in unique and different angles. I've mentioned before that your face is incapable of a bad photo. It's just magnificent! Next subject: listen to KIND OF BLUE by Miles Davis. Of course, it was recorded before you were born,1968, but it is the best "straight ahead" small group recording ever made. Pay particular attention to the track "All Blues." Virtually every jazz musician plays this tune. I think I must have 10/12 versions. Impress your friends by saying "did you know it's in 3/4 time?" Blues are always in 4/4 time. Anyway, enough for now. I've seen you top to bottom, so future emails will address other subjects: your magnificent face, poses, whatever.-Bill.

Back To The Office

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