Creamin' In Cars

Nikki Cars puts the X in XL Girls. "The experience was awesome," Nikki blogged when this scene was shot. "From the make up artist/stylist to the different photographers I got to work with.

"I got negative attention growing up," Nikki said. "The guys were weird when I was in school. They picked on me rather than flirted with me because they liked my boobs. Later on, I saw the positive side.

"I have gotten out of a speeding ticket with my tits. Luckily I had a low-cut shirt on. I don't really remember the scenario but the cop was very willing to not give me a ticket. And he kept looking at my chest.

"It wasn't really till I started on Southern Charms. I started getting positive attention and I realized that guys really liked big boobs. Then I started showing them off all the time and got a great response from lots of people."

Nikki likes a big dick to play with and she gets it in this scene. "I like big cocks. I actually prefer them. But some guys with big cocks are afraid to use them, so they don't fuck very well. So then the guys with the smaller ones are better. Not this guy!"

Nikki disbanded her site on Southern Charms, divorced the guy who encouraged her to model from the very beginning and basically dropped out of sight.

Creamin' In Cars

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