Daniella Grey in the Big Girl Strip Club

Daniella Grey is one of the most-popular girls at the Big Girl Strip Club and this glimpse into the private Boom Boom Room explains why. Mr. X is a regular and enjoys the action little hottie Daniella gives him.

"She gives me a hard-on that will not go down," declares Mr. X, who raves about Daniella to every customer within earshot. This lap dance fan goes to BGSC once a week to savor Daniella's incredible dances, her balls-deep blow jobs, her huge tits on a tiny, beautiful body and her sweet, tight pussy. Her tight ass, oh, yeah.

Every city should have a BGSC with thick strippers. Why do all the strip clubs we know about only have skinny strippers with very little tit-flesh who look like they all came out of the same factory?

Where are all the strip clubs with chubbies and plumpers? Don't they hire any? Do none of them apply for stripper jobs? It's a shame.

Daniella Grey in the Big Girl Strip Club

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