P-Chan comes to SCORELAND2

"My breasts started getting big from around 14 years old," said P-Chan, who proves, like Hitomi did before her, that there are super-busty naturals in Japan. You just have to know where to look. "I have to buy whatever bras fit me, so I can't be picky as to whether they are cute. I can't buy off the rack in stores."

A busty girl like P-Chan shopping for bras in Japan must be like a fashionista shopping for clothes in Wal-Mart. Good luck.

"Normally, I try to cover them up when I go out but because of their size, it's difficult to hide them," she said. "If I go to a private party and want to dress sexy, I'll wear a low-cut dress and show my cleavage. When I go out, I always wear a bra. At home, I don't wear one."

P-Chan was a major find for us when we brought her to SCORELAND in 2015. As Elliot wrote at the time, "Scholars of big-bust models will know who this incredibly stacked Japanese girl is and how big of a name she is in the Japanese big-tit scene. For reasons given in the video portion, she will now be known as P-Chan, her new name. The name P-Chan may be new, but this amazing girl is sporting the same huge tits and the same spectacular rack that brought her fame."

SCORELAND: Tell us what kind of men you go for.

P-Chan: My favorite type of man is kind and funny and has a steady job.

SCORELAND: What is your ideal date?

P-Chan: My ideal date would be to go eat some delicious food and go see places, like Japan's Great Buddha.

SCORELAND: Have you traveled overseas?

P-Chan: Yes. I've been to America, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate?

P-Chan: Yes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I use my fingers, sometimes a vibrator. My boobs are really sensitive so I like to touch them.

Here, P-Chan starts out in a really sexy bra and panties then takes a bath. It's always fun to watch a big-boobed girl take a bath. P-Chan does not disappoint.

P-Chan comes to SCORELAND2

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