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Neck kissing and other forms of candy-ass male behavior are a total waste when Sabrina Linn is eager for raunchy fucking, sucking and anal. Sabrina clearly loves being on the receiving end of pure pussy-pounding porn-pronging. The double-G blonde is a real MILF, not a fake Hollywood porn star MILF.

Back home in Texas, Sabrina is a different person. She has male friends who drool all over her and she likes their company, but as she said, "I don't bang my friends."

Sabrina is a good bad girl who called Dave, the editor of SCORE, "sir" in her interviews and said, "I'm a mom. I'm a really good girl in the community. I'm a very wonderful, fun and good little girl who does everything proper and a crazy girl who does everything freaky and wild and does my own thing.

"I've been active in the swingers' lifestyle for 20 years, and if I have a lover who's in the lifestyle, then we're active," Sabrina.

Note from Dave: Minutes after the interview Elliot just mentioned, I was leaving the studio and ready to go back to my desk, so I turned around to say goodbye to Sabrina. But when I looked over, she was on her knees, sucking off Johnny Champ, the stud in this scene. Off-camera, I might add. She was sucking his cock because she wanted his cock, not for any scene. This was never captured on-camera, but it was captured in my mind and replayed often.

The harder Sabrina's rammed, the nastier the position, the better she seems to enjoy it. Treat Sabrina well and be a gentleman but fuck her like a slut so that her adrenaline can flow. Coming to SCORE allowed Sabrina to express the dirty lady side of her, a place where she could play out her fantasies in a secure, safe environment. I wondered if she would head to the porn grind factories in L.A. and make 50 videos. That didn't happen.

Sabrina also has a non-sex scene as a busty doctor in the opener of an video with Vee Cummings, a scene added to the DVD Teen Rectal Exams.

SeXXX superstar

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