Pickin' Up Plumpers

Kamille Amora is combining a visit to XL Girls, where she began her hot-modeling career, and a vacation. She's visiting a strip mall when JMac and Tony Rubino pull over. Tony calls her over to the passenger side. He tells Kamille that he's bet his buddies that Kamille has really big tits.

Now Kamille is wearing a very baggy, extra-large tee-shirt over a sports bra because if she wore something chest-hugging and low-cut, she'd attract way too many eyeballs, attention and comments and she's just out to do some shopping. But Rubino has built-in boob radar and knows better.

Not one to turn down a challenge, Kamille flashes right there in the parking lot, quickly raising and lowering her big tee to show them her big 36I tits. Now JMac and Tony are determined to have some fuckin' fun with this topheavy tourist. Tony chats Kamille up some more and she gets into the back seat, giving them more views of her heavy, luscious hangers. What a nice, thoughtful girl.

Dumping their third wheel driver buddy, JMac and Tony bring Kamille back to their sex cave so they can double-team her. Each man takes a side of Kamille and they quickly talk her out of her clothing and underwear. Miss Amora's mouth, pussy and huge knockers are just right for a three-way fuck party. When one guy is drilling Kamille, the other is getting a blow job by a talented mouth and vice versa, a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon in the sun-drenched Magic City. This curvy and stacked tourist from Seattle didn't expect to play tag with two studs but she's always up for a spontaneous cum session and a hot double-dipping.

Pickin' Up Plumpers

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