First Time Starlet

Normally, when we get an email from a single girl it includes a head shot or a tit shot or some really shitty nudes taken with a cell phone. Emma's email was different.

"Hey NN," she began. "I'm really looking to break into modeling. I know that you guys have shot some girls in the SCORE Group studio and they've gone on to become famous. Do you think you could help me out?"

We brought her in and gave her a little on-screen time. She was nervous at first, but got a little more relaxed when she started stripping off her top. Then, when she lifted her skirt and showed off her cute panties, she started to get in the mood. Soon she was two fingers-deep and spreading her asshole.

She's got a future as a model; too bad it won't be with us. We like our amateurs too much.

First Time Starlet

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