Toujours Lamoure

A SCORE staffer spotted Chloe Lamoure and alerted the studio people who then contacted the model agency representing the hot brunette. She's the first SCORE Girl since 1992 to say that she reads the works of raunchy American writer Charles Bukowski. Now that confirms she's hotter than hot.

"Usually I don't wear bras," Chloe said. "I like to show myself off so I wear tight T-shirts and dresses. The tighter it clings to my body and my tits, the better. I wear a bra when I am working out at the gym or if they are part of the photo shoot."

A girl as beautiful as Chloe gets a lot of male attention and she loves it. "I love that feeling of being admired. I like to see men looking at me. But I do not date. I like to go out with my friends to have some drinks and food at a nice cafe."

Chloe meets hard wood in her next scene.

Toujours Lamoure

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