The Girl They Call The Body

Anjii Ross loves role-playing, dirty-talking and rubbing out an orgasm as a cam-girl. She could easily dance in a strip club but she'd rather get off on-cam. In a way, that makes us sad...that you can't have a beer, watch Anjii shake her big boobs on stage and get lap dances.

SCORELAND: Do you watch adult movies? What kind do you like?

Anjii: So many, it's hard to pick a favorite! Cuckold, anal, DP, girl-on-girl, hardcore, POV and more.

SCORELAND: What favorite brands of bras do you buy?

Anjii: Frederick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret are nice but it's so hard to find my size. I love this brand called Smart & Sexy. They always have really sexy bras in my size!

SCORELAND: Do jealous women ever say anything about your breasts?

Anjii: Yes, a lot of women stare and get jealous. They're always making catty remarks!

SCORELAND: When you were in school, did you ever get in trouble for showing too much cleavage?

Anjii: All the time. It's hard to hide it when you have such big breasts!

The Girl They Call The Body

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