Lisa The Amazon

This pictorial of Lisa Lipps was produced in July, 1992, one of the rare shoots of Lisa wearing eyeglasses. Five years later, she would do a librarian shoot wearing eyeglasses.

An amazon of incredible dimensions during her peak years, award winner Lisa was everywhere. Adult conventions, TV talk shows, nightclubs all over North America, numerous magazine covers around the world and posing in the studios. She was one of the first models to have a website.

When it came to hardcore scenes, Lisa took no prisoners. She often chose her own guys to perform with after she 'tested' them. No wimps and poseurs need apply.

"I like giving head to get things started, to get the sexual moment started, but I don't feel empowered until I'm on top," said Lisa. "That's what does it for me. I like doggie style, too. It makes me feel pretty powerful."

Lisa The Amazon

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