Hot babe Kalila Kane

"I'm actually shy," said Kalila Kane, a girl who came to us from Washington, D.C., where she was stripping. Yeah, I know, strippers aren't supposed to be shy. Neither are girls who show off their big tits and tight pussies and assholes on-camera for SCORELAND, but when a girl says she's shy, what are you supposed to say? "No, you're not"?

Body-wise and enthusiasm-wise, Kalila reminds me a little of Mia Khalifa. The differences are that Kalila, surprisingly, never did hardcore while Mia did a lot of it. But it's great to have young, hot girls who are so happy to show off their big tits and slim 'n' stacked bodies. Now, about that shy thing...

"I'm really into group sex and consensually forced sex, so most of my fantasies revolve around that," Kalila said. "I'm into some fetishes: Latex, bondage, somnophillia, S/M, the dom/sub dynamic, female domination, stockings and giving and receiving pain. Also anything situationally perverse; having sex when it seems kind of wrong."

Having sex with Kalila would never seem wrong.

"I like deep, passionate kissing. I also love when a guy goes down on me and I love gagging on a nice, big cock with saliva dripping all over myself."

Kalila told me she's addicted to masturbating. She also said she doesn't like dating.

"You can figure out in five minutes whether or not you like someone enough to want to continue interacting with them," she said. "I know right away if I want to fuck a guy."

That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Either way, we have this video to jack to. Thanks, Kalila. And if you ever feel like coming back and fucking, our doors are always open.

 Hot babe Kalila Kane

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