Blackstone Test-Drives Porsche

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Porsche is proud of her big, fat, natural tits and she shows it in the beginning of Blackstone Test-Drives Porsche Dali. Blackstone is enjoying the show, seeing Porsche work herself up. She's gonna need some big stick action in a few minutes. His assignment is to give it to her. First, those phat tits need some attention. Her nipples need suction. XL Girls like Porsche need a big man who can dominate them, engulf them like cellophane, position their bodies like playtoys. She's getting one now.

Porsche's cunt needs a lube job. That cums next. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs open for his head. Porsche appreciates a good clit licker. She has told us so herself. But all women do, right? You don't see a lot of cunt-licking in videos unless it's a girl-girl. Porsche's pussy is deserving of the tongue, and Blackstone is as much a cunt lover as he is a tit-man. It's his turn next so Porsche kneels to suck and tit-fuck. Using her tits to sandwich cock is her specialty and what every man who fucks her tells her to do. They don't need to tell her twice.

Many cocks have banged Porsche's deep cleavage and many more new ones will take their place. For right now, Porsche is Blackstone's living love doll--obedient and submissive. Her role in life is to please men and she's learning something new every day and improving her sex skills in her desire to be a famous porn star in the big girl league. Blackstone mutters orders to his blonde fuck in low tones. Now it's time for Porsche to get her pussy porked. What position will they begin with?

Blackstone Test-Drives Porsche

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