Amerie's Cream Filling

The lovely and busty Amerie Thomas had known about XL Girls for a while. "I just didn't have the guts to send in pictures. I'm so happy I finally did!"

Amerie's favorite foreplay is:

"I like old-school high-school make-out fests, slowly taking off our clothes, feeling each other's bodies. Neck kisses, kisses to my navel. And where that leads to...."

Is there any real difference between having sex in public and having sex on-camera so many more people can see you?

"You can say that I am a public sex lover. I enjoy having people watch me. My orgasms get very intense."

There is one act that Amerie doesn't care for. Ass sex.

"I don't like anal. I have tried it more than a few times. I have squirted out my ass before but it's just not my thing. I'd rather have my pussy beat-up."

Extreme sex:

"I have had threesomes, both with two females and one man and two men and me. I enjoy having two men more. I also love gangbangs and have even done a couple of orgies."

Amerie waits for a deliveryman to deliver his package. A package of sex. Our fleet of deliverymen are the best. Tony is today's deliveryman. He'll deliver his package and drive big boob redhead Amerie home to orgasm with a nut-cream finish inside her perfect pussy. The ball-sauce drips out of Amerie's slit once Tony has busted a nut while fucking her.

Amerie's Cream Filling

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