Fall in love with Rene

Rene Love is one of my favorite models ever. That might surprise you considering that the sum total of Rene's modeling at the SCORELAND studio consisted of one day, two photo sets, two videos. Yes, that's right. One day for a 22-year-old babe with full, heavy J-cup naturals, giant areolae and a pretty face.

Now, you might be thinking, "Those guys at SCORELAND really fucked up." But if you're actually thinking that, then I'm thinking, "You must think we're stupid." We begged and pleaded with Rene to return. We opened up our bank account and said, "Here, take whatever you want. It's all yours."

A former hotel clerk-and a girl who loved posting Facebook photos of herself in tight tops-Rene was sent our way by a boob-loving friend who knew she'd be perfect for Voluptuous.

"I'm used to being looked at wherever I go," said Rene, who grew up in New Jersey and was living in Virginia when we shot her. "I love to know people like what they see." Rene also said, "I was so nervous when I first got here but I felt very welcomed right away. I hope I can come back."

Hmmmm..."I hope I can come back," she said. I'm wondering if maybe a disapproving friend or family got in her ear and talked her out of titty modeling.

You know, we offer finder's fees for people who send us models. Perhaps we should offer shut-the-fuck-up fees for people who try to talk our models out of modeling.

By the way, Rene played high school volleyball. Can you imagine?

Rene and her man appeared on the TV show Divorce Court. (People don't need to be legally married to be on the show. They can just be having relationship problems.) They were there because he wanted to maintain a polyamorous relationship (most guys would go for having two women if they could afford them) and she wanted a monogamous lifestyle. The entire episode may still be posted on Youtube.

Fall in love with Rene

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