Sunshine & Super-titter Toppsy Curvey

The location switches to January, 1991 in Palm Springs, California, where big-haired, big-boobed exotic dancer Toppsy Curvey works out on a stationary bike at poolside. Toppsy really filled out her swimsuits. While her giant tits got the most attention, what's often overlooked is that Toppsy had a shapely, beautiful body, curvy but fit and trim.

Toppsy revealed her baseball player kissing strategy in an interview published in November, 1993 SCORE. Whenever she was spotted at a baseball game, security was usually on-guard and waiting for her to run out on the diamond so they could grab her.

"I never overdo it for the players. I just run out and give them a kiss. Nothing else, because most of the players have families and I wouldn't want them to get in trouble with their wives. I study my baseball and the players. If one is not doing well or is on the disabled list, I won't run out after them because they're obviously not in the best of moods if they're having a bad year and they don't need the hassle. Plus, I only kiss a pitcher on the home team.

"I was dancing at Deja Vu in Los Angeles last year and they wanted me to kiss Nolan Ryan. He was on the disabled list and I said no, because I don't follow players or kiss them unless they're at home because that wouldn't be in good taste. Of course, Deja Vu cancelled my second week of dancing and I lost thousands. They were real bastards, but I wasn't going to turn against something I believe in."

Sunshine & Super-titter Toppsy Curvey

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