Push For The Tush & Cream For The Cooze

Twilight Starr said her boobs are "crazy." Crazy hot, for sure. Her round, curvy butt is another magnificent asset she should be proud of. Johnny's never had his way with them before but he will now. A whole lotta woman like her needs to be handled the right way for maximum pleasure. Miss Starr needs power sex from a guy. Hot, nasty and hard.

Twilight wants to model her neon-green dress designed for lap dancers or for girls who want to cause street riots. She jiggles and wiggles her thick ass and massive 46-inch flesh-melons in his face. Johnny approves her message.

He feasts on her wide areolae and big nipples and turns her around to examine her asscheeks and butt-tunnel. He wants to fuck that ass. He saw Twilight's previous anal videos at XLGirls and he wants a piece of her ass, too.

He pulls down Twilight's string panties and spanks her big ass. She likes it when her ass gets the smack-hand. There's plenty of bottom to smack. Twilight gets on her knees and opens her mouth wide for Johnny's trouser-steak. Strings of saliva connect her lips to his boner. Like Johnny feasted on her nipples, she feasts on his shaft with a well-trained throat.

Now fully naked, Twilight spreads out on the bed and opens her legs to get fucked. The pink-spreading thrusts of his meat-missile send waves of pleasure throughout Twilight's body. This busty, big-assed baberella loves to fuck and she looks ecstatic. Johnny transfers from Twilight's wet pussy to her tight asshole and this makes her completely fuck-drunk. Her moans fill the room while her tits shake.

Johnny gives Twilight the ass-fucking she wants and expects. She likes big cock in her ass. He adjusts her body in different poses like she's a life-sized doll and keeps fucking her ass in each position. The doggie ass-fuck gets his cock in the deepest and pushes her completely over the cliff.

Johnny could coat her tits, face or ass with special sauce for hot girls. Yet there is something about Twilight's pussy-hole that looks right for a load of cum. Johnny pulls his jizz-injector out of her ass and sticks it into her pink poon to fill it with spunk. With her tush still up in the air, he spreads Twilight's butt cheeks so his handiwork can ooze out of her well-fucked snatch. She is one horny girl and ready for more.

Push For The Tush & Cream For The Cooze

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