Raelynn's magic wand

It's time for a video sex lesson from Raelynn Raines, a 47-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, Arizona. Sexy Raelynn is going to tell you how to satisfy her, from her nipples to her pussy.

"Eventually, you're going to get to my hot little wet spot," she says, "but first you're going to stay up here." She means up there, at her nipples. But Raelynn gets down there fast enough. She turns over and gets her sweet, fuckable ass up in the air. Then she lies on her back and pulls out her Hitachi wand, which is her own. She brought it with her to the shoot, and she uses it to satisfy her pussy. If you can do as well as that wand is doing, you're in like flynn, buster.

"I carry myself in a very respectable manner in public," Raelynn said. "I sometimes wear skirts and heels or jeans and heels, but I also have lazy days when I'm in yoga pants and workout clothes."

She also said, "A man who smells good and dresses well and opens the door for me will always get my attention."

Does she mean the door to her bedroom? Well, that, too. But the door to your car, to the restaurant, anywhere. Be a gentleman--an old-fashioned gentleman--to Raelynn. It'll get you far.

Even as far as that Hitachi wand is going.

Raelynn's magic wand

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