Talented Kiko Lee gets a firm grip on the beef bat

I was watching a reality show on The Learning Channel (yes, the same "Learning" Channel that produces Honey Boo Boo) called Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs. Yes, THAT Pete Rose.

Pete's fiancee is an Asian-American named Kiana Kim, 30 years Pete's junior. She is smokin' hot with big tits. I especially enjoyed the footage of her swinging at baseballs in a batting cage. She has two children from a previous relationship and models.

How come so many hot Asians are named Kiana? According to the Urban Dictionary, a dubious source of information, a "Kiana" is a hot girl with a great ass. I'll accept that definition.

I'm happy for Pete, all-time Major League leader in hits (4,256), and while I was watching the first two episodes (and learning a great deal, thanks to The Learning Channel) I remembered our interview with Asian-American SCORE Girl Kiko Lee, who easily drains a dude in this blistering stroke-off scene. Kiko has good hands.

Why did it ring a bell? Because Kiko talked about Pete Rose a few years ago.

"I was walking around Vegas shopping," Kiko told us. Imagine that? A hot chick walking around Las Vegas shopping.

"He had his manager and one of his bodyguards come get me, and they said, 'Pete Rose wants to meet you.' I was looking at them like they were nuts, and it turned out that he did. So I figured, 'Why not?' even though he's a lot older than me, so I met him and talked to him, and that night we went to dinner. Then we went back to his condo and had sex. He can do some things good. He can eat pussy well."

Despite the age difference, Kiko found Pete attractive. "He's a very smart businessman. He's still making money now even though he's considered the worst baseball player for gambling. He's still a good businessman. You sit down and have a conversation with him and he's got a great mind."

Who'd have guessed that hot chicks would like older guys for their minds so much, they'd bang them on the first date?

I not only learned something from The Learning Channel, I learned something from Kiko Lee.

Talented Kiko Lee gets a firm grip on the beef bat

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