She's Cute, She's Freaky, She's Kendra

We enjoy life's simple pleasures. Pretty faces, curvy bodies and big tits stuffed into the smallest bras and tops possible. Kendra Lee Ryan has all of that going on right now. This buxom little redhead is everything we love about women.

"I usually get all of my bras at least one size too small," Kendra Lee told us. "I love anything that shows how big my boobs are and shows off tons of cleavage."

Our friend Tony Rubino is an expert when it comes to helping busty girls stuff their gargantuan blessings into tight tops. And he's Kendra's helpful assistant today. He presents a handful of sexy options to Kendra and she looks incredible in each. So incredible, in fact, that he can't help but get a little bit excited.

Kendra is getting excited, too, though. So excited that this tight tops show becomes a fuck show. And we're gleefully tuning in.

She's Cute, She's Freaky, She's Kendra

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