The Sexpert

Nerdy Melody claims to be an expert at everything. After all, she always has her face in a book. But does she know what to do when she has a cock in her face? Her brother's friend challenges her sex knowledge by pulling out his dick, and Melody isn't about to be shown up.

All those sex ed books she read seem to have paid off as she expertly works his thick cock with her mouth. She even knows how to relax her throat so he can face-fuck her.

Melody looks the part of a nerd, but only when she's dressed. Once her clothes come off we can see that she's a sexy, curvy teen with a ripe rack and a horny pussy.

Turns out Melody does know a thing or two about sex, like how to take a hard dicking and swallow cum. And she doesn't just know how to do it. She loves every second of it.

The Sexpert

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