Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

Rose Blush of Sydney, Australia gets the eye everywhere she goes.

"All the time!" Rose said. "Usually it's just people turning and staring. I get some lewd comments and some polite compliments. Most often it's people driving past and yelling 'Nice tits,' or 'Show me your tits!'"

This photo shoot was taken in Australia. It's very different compared to Rose's California shoots. Half of the photos were shot outdoors, the second half in a bathroom.

"I love going to the beach or going bush walking. I like to do a lot of outdoor activities. Bush walking is hiking for you. I have to work out what to say for Americans. Bush walking and going to the beach are my favorite things.

"I love being the center of attention, being used or worshiped. I like to masturbate, mainly by using my vibrator on my clit. I love my glass dildo too. I try to masturbate at least twice a day."

Blushing Buxom Bather Rose Blush

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