Love & sex

Love & sex. As in Sheridan Love and sex.

The story in this scene is about a hot, pretty girl who puts the She in Sheridan.

Tarzan is looking for Sheridan's husband. She invites Tarzan into her house and tells him to make himself comfy. Her husband's not home, so that gives Sheridan the opportunity to fuck Tarzan. Of course, in real life, the husband walks in on them and chases the naked guy with a butcher's knife.

Sheridan was the first guest on Episode Three of SCOREtv, and she talked about her hardcore scenes at SCORELAND. "I get really nervous when I talk," Sheridan told host Dave.

Sheridan said she'd rather have sex than talk in her videos, even though she does webcamming at home, which is mostly horny talking and pleasuring her tits and pussy so guys can play whack-a-pole.

Sheridan watches some of her videos. At least certain parts.

"I've seen the blow job parts, which I think I'm pretty good at, and the cum shots, which I love."

Agreed. Great at blow jobs. Most girls don't say they love to watch themselves get their faces or tits covered in cum. That's one of the many reasons we love her.

At the end of this scene, Sheridan stares at Tarzan with that "Give me cum" face, something she is beyond excellent at. Tarzan jerks off on Sheridan's face as she rubs his balls. Most of his jizz lands on her nose but she doesn't miss a beat. She then takes his dick, licks the remaining semen off it and pops her cummy fingers in her mouth.

Did I give away the ending? My apologies.

Love & sex

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