A Day At The Gym With Lucia

A Day At The Gym With Lucia

This gym layout matches the second part of Lucia's video, "A Day At The Park & The Gym With Lucia". The emphasis is more on sexy nude posing than workout techniques.

Lucia was a Page 3 girl in London's Sunday Sport newspaper when she came to our attention and debuted in the Holiday '98 issue of SCORE. Actually, she was about to become a Page 3 girl. We published her fully-nude photos before Sunday Sport got around to putting out their photos of her.

Lucia was only 19 years old and waitressing at her family's restaurant. She decided to become a model so she could pay for college tuition. That's common among our models.

"I have to pay for school somehow. If it wasn't for posing, I'd have to spend the year waiting on tables. I really appreciate this. Thanks so much for the chance."

Lucia never returned for another series of shoots. That's not uncommon. As we have often written, life gets in the way and the girls move on to other activities, especially if a career in modeling is not something they want to pursue.

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