Bikini strip

Tori Karsin made her SCORELAND debut at poolside. She's from Texas. Tori skinny-dipped, walked inside the house naked and masturbated on the floor.

"I masturbate daily," Tori said. "At least once. Most of the time more than that. Why not? It's good, clean, healthy fun. I love to watch porn and masturbate as much as I can. I like naughty, dirty sex and clitoral stimulation."

Tori said she likes to go to exotic dance clubs for fun and relaxation.

"I love to be in that type of atmosphere, listening to the music, watching the dancers performing, watching their effect on the guys. Sex is always in the air. It turns me on."

Tori was a stripper for two years. She says it was the best job she ever had. The wildest place Tori's had sex was in the VIP room of a strip club. That's about as adrenaline-jolting for guys as it can get because every guy deep down wants to fuck a stripper at least once in his life.

Bikini strip

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