Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Scarlett Monroe says she worked as a cognitive trainer. For those who don't know, cognitive trainers help their clients think faster and more clearly by administering brain fitness exercises. Scarlett must be one hell of an instructor because one glimpse of her body causes blood to rush from our heads to our cocks so quickly our heads start to feel fuzzy.

"What's wrong, baby?" Scarlett says into the camera with a tease. "I thought these were all of your favorite foods."

No man can think about food at a time like this, and with a girl like this right in front of you.

"Oh, I'm your favorite food?" she teases again.

You got that right, Ms. Monroe. We're in the mood for melons, and Scarlett's 34E-cup knockers look fresh and ripe.

"I bet you want to tear up this breakfast," Scarlett says. "I want your cock inside me. I want it in my mouth."

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and the cock grow harder, and we couldn't be more hard or fond of Scarlett as she works her banana like she would our hard cocks despite our current distance.

Scarlett is getting pretty excited by all this food and teasing, too. She's already soaking wet when she starts stroking and fingering her pussy. And when she finally cums, her pussy juices serve as the perfect refreshment following this tasty breakfast.

"Thanks for breakfast, baby," Scarlett says as she laps her cum off of her fingers. "That was just what I needed."

Juicy Fruits & Boobs

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