Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

Kalila Kane was encouraged by a friend to try out photo modeling. Being an exotic dancer at a mom 'n' pop strip club was her most-fun job before modeling. Kalila trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so watch your ass.

She and Mia Khalifa could have been kissin' cousins.

Fantasies: "I'm really into group sex and consensual forced sex at the moment so most of my fantasies revolve around that. I'm into some fetishes: latex, bondage, somnophillia, S/M, the dom/sub dynamic, female domination, stockings, and giving and receiving pain. Also anything situationally-perverse; having sex when it seems kind of 'wrong.'"

That's quite a list. Kalila could be the girl-next-door. If you live next door to a dungeon.

Sexually, passive or aggressive? "Passive. When it comes right down to it, I'm pretty shy." Sex in public? "I've had sex outdoors in the woods. That's about as public as I'd want to get unless it was already for an audience."

Spit or swallow? "I'm partial to facials."

Foreplay? "I like deep passionate kissing, honestly. I also love when a guy goes down on me and I love gagging on a nice, big cock with saliva dripping all over myself."

Kissing? Isn't that somewhat old-fashioned?

Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

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