A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

"I will buy any style of bra that will fit," said Amy Villainous, a girl who busts her brassieres with her gigantic 38J-cups. "Most American brands don't make my size unless I buy online, and that is risky if I can't try them on first. I wish more bra brands would make cute sizes for bustier babes."

Wait. There's more.

"Due to my nipples being incredibly sensitive, I have to wear a bra when I go out or I will be overstimulated. If I'm home, I am in the buff as much as I can be. I am also into lactation and have been trying to induce.

"When I give a blow job I swallow, unless otherwise requested. Some guys just really like seeing their cum all over my face, tits or tummy and I am okay with that. I always try to take a pic as a memento when there is cum all over me."

In her smokin' hot fuck with Brad Newman, Amy was given a big load of cum in her face and on her huge tits and outstretched tongue. Then she swallowed his cock with her mouth to get any remaining nut-juice. She stared at the camera with a dripping cumface, stuck out her tongue and cupped her wet beasts. It was a shame that video had to end.

A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

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