A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

"My breasts started growing at age 10 and grew one-to-two sizes every year until I was about 28," awesome Amy Villainous told us. "I was an F-cup when I graduated high school. I was the bustiest girl in school. I was in a small Catholic school and constantly dealt with the buttons on my uniform popping."

It took XL Girls several years to finally arrange a photo shoot with Amy. She felt she wasn't ready at the time. Things change. Amy was ready.

"Every time I leave the house, someone is ogling my chest. I love how powerful it makes me feel. I get equal attention from both men and women. There's just something special about women appreciating each other's assets that gets me going. It's very sensual."

In her free time, Amy keeps busy. "Aside from spending time with my fur-babies, I draw comics, enjoy going to as many concerts as possible, creating costumes, antique shopping, attending Renaissance Fairs, and karaoke. I'm in the process of co-producing and acting in a horror film about stripper witches. It's going to be a perfect blend of camp and gore with an amazing soundtrack by local Seattle bands."

A Bikini Day For Amy Villainous

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