Date night

"I like wearing tank tops with a thinner bra so my nipples poke through and make people uncomfortable," said Rockell, a southern charmer who can charm the pants off anyone.

"I really dunno why; I just like to make things interesting. It's summer time so I keep it fun and breezy."

Rockell enjoys mud wrestling, of all sports. I'd rather see her oil wrestling in a bikini that gets ripped off as she rolls around with another natural. I've seen live mud wrestling and don't understand the attraction, but that's me.

The idea of this scene is date night with Rockell. I can relate to that fantasy.

Rockell used to be a Hooters waitress. Most Hooters waitresses are actually small-breasted, so Rockell must have really stuck out. There's a Hooters near my place and one near the office and no one's ever come close to her chest size. The girls there are young, pretty and in great shape but not especially big in the hooters department.

"I worked at Hooters, and, obviously, I filled out the requirements very well and the tips were very good," Rockell told us.

"I was actually in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a friend. I was dressed cute, but my boobs weren't out. I had on a sweater because it was cold. My waitress was a very beautiful Hooters girl and she was like, 'Would you like to work here?' And I was like, 'Oh, why not? Of course.' So she went and got the manager and he hired me on the spot and I was a Hooters girl."

Date night

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