Fed To Spread

Tarzan and our photographer Jose coax Chevy into telling what she and Tarzan are going to do at XL Girls. Chevy's not shy. She's just more of a show-er than a talker. She'd rather sex it up than chat away. They do squeeze out the fact that she's never had sex and eaten at the same time. They also coax Chevy into telling them what gets her off, which is clit rubbing and getting fucked face down, ass up.

Jose asks Chevy to show Tarzan her big 40H-cup tits. Smiling, she pulls them out of her dress. He hasn't seen them yet and he's impressed. Who would not be happy to fuck that pair of knockers and all the rest of Chevy?

Chevy has big, brown areolae and thick nipples. She must tan in a swimsuit because her tits are lighter than the rest of her body. Tarzan is having a great time playing with those coconuts.

It's time for Chevy to be "Fed To Spread." Tarzan makes a banana split using Chevy's boobs as a plate. He squirts whipped cream in her mouth and lays the banana on her cleavage with cream and cherries on it. Tarzan feeds Chevy some banana then asks her to suck on his banana. Feed her and fuck her. A fun way to play.

Fed To Spread

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